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Bulk Buying Flower

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Our process is easy. We take the flower off your hands so you can focus on growing it. If your flower is up to standard, we’ll bring you to new dispensaries all over the state.

Free Online Marketplace

Your flower is listed on our free online marketplace. Our marketplace is a central location for dispensaries to easily purchase top-shelf flower. When we buy your flower, we’ll blast the flower digitally on our website, social media, and email.

Dedicated Sales Team

We actively send Union Six sales representatives dispensary-to-dispensary. Each sales rep will be equipped with your flower on their sales routes. Your product will get in front of buyers at dispensaries every day of the week.

Cash In Hand

Our membership is one of the few that puts money into your pocket. All you need to do is grow top-shelf, indoor cannabis flower. It’s risk-free. It’s free and easy to get started. Sign-up for your free membership and we’ll come check out your product. 

6 Free Deliveries

You get Six free deliveries when you sign-up. After we sell your products, you’ll get notified of sales and an expected pick-up date. You’ll get your payments from the dispensaries within 24 hours of sale.

By okies for okies

Union Six was forged to close the gap between out-of-state companies with 10+ years of experience, and Oklahoma’s locally-owned brands. We’re tired of seeing amazing cannabis products left in the dust. We recognize the advantage experienced cannabis companies have, that’s why we’re creating the same access for the best local brands and dispensaries.

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