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There are so many moving parts in the cannabis market. We’re here to help you grow your business by helping you focus on what you do best. We provide logistics and sales to connect you with the 6 corners of Oklahoma.

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HOW WE HELP dispensaries

Whether you’re looking for a few new strains, or to fill your dispensary every week, we’re your one-stop top-shelf flower supplier.

Sales Rep

Your team will have a direct line of communication to a sales rep who will help supply your dispensary as needed.


Have a problem keeping you up at night? We create custom solutions that deliver top-shelf flower at the right price at the right time.


Top-shelf flower and unique strains at wholesale prices. We bring you access to Oklahoma's best flower at the best prices.


It’s difficult to stand out from the other 2,000 dispensaries. Our team can help you create more first-time and returning patients.


HOW WE HELP Cultivators

It’s not easy to get your flower in shops from the panhandle to Broken Bow. Here’s how we get your flower into more dispensaries.


We built a network of dispensaries that span all six corners of Oklahoma. With Union Six, your brand unlocks access to new shops.

Bulk Buys

If your flower is up to standard, we'll buy a lot of it. We pass on the savings to our dispensaries and get you into new shops.


We sell and deliver your products to the right shops with the right message at the right time. We target areas you can't reach on your own.


Getting your product in shops is half of the battle. We can provide sales support and make sure patients look for your products.

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