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When you go to a dispensary, what do you see? Most dispensaries have a wide variety of flower, and shelves dominated by out-of-state brands. Few are properly stocked with exotic, top-shelf medicine.

Outsiders stormed the market and created an unfair gap. Union Six was forged to close the gap between out-of-state companies with 10+ years of experience and Oklahoma’s locally-owned brands.

We act as the connector between Oklahoma’s t0p-shelf flower and the 2,000+ dispensaries covering the state.

Whether you’re a new cultivator looking to break into the market or a business that’s been here since day one we will connect you with the six corners of Oklahoma.

Unify Oklahoma

Each delivery is done with purpose. Our dream is to see a more unified cannabis industry. Together, we can pull each other up the ladder to cannabis longevity.

Our core values drive our mission. These three things make us Union Six:

We make Success accessible

Cultivators get into cannabis for the love of the plant and their community. But the business of selling your flower into shops can be daunting. For cultivators, we buy your flower in bulk, and market your brand to dispensaries. You get to focus on growing, while getting your name and products out there in more shops.

WE Care About Our community

We’re built BY Okies FOR Okies. The best way for us to build our community is to help locally-grown cannabis businesses succeed. The Oklahoma cannabis industry has already generated $82MM in tax revenue, along with countless charitable contributions. When cannabis wins, we all win. 

We Do things the "old school" way

We operate with a moral compass and integrity in every partnership we create. When you join the Union Six network, you’re joining Oklahoma’s cannabis family. We treat each brand with the same passion and care that we would treat our own. Our love for our community helps us follow the Oklahoma Standard – Service, Honor, and Kindness.

We operate with honesty and integrity; the way business is meant to be done.



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